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FF Audio Program Ep. 6: Women Weed Wifi

This episode is an interview with collective Women Weed Wifi founders Kenya Ku$h, and J-NA$TY and contributor $toney Spice. You can find them at - they’ve got articles like $toney Spice’s that we referenced in the episode, Cannabis on Tribal &Trust Land, you can order their zines, rack up your collection, they’ve got really cool jerseys and jackets, they just released their latest swisher session, which is a mix from a guest DJ, I got to listen to some of it after we recorded and it was great. They also do events, notably yoga sessions where you come stoned so follow them on Instagram (@womenweedwifi) to see what they got going next.

Music samples from Nujabes - Luv(sic) [ft. Shing02]

FF Audio Program Ep. 4: doNormaal & RVN

This episode of the Feminist Fatal Audio Program is an interview with Seattle local rapper and artist doNormaal and her partner in music and crime RVN. We discuss her latest album THIRD DAUGHTER CA, how her and RVN came together, the meaning of psychedelia to her music + random cameo from @taylarelizzabeth and exclusive audio of an unreleased doNormaal song "This Week" !!

You can find doNormaal's latest album on soundcloud and bandcamp. She is on social media @donormaal.

You can also find RVN as @RVN and his music is available under than name online as well, his latest album is GREYNEON.