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FF Audio Program Ep. 6: Women Weed Wifi

This episode is an interview with collective Women Weed Wifi founders Kenya Ku$h, and J-NA$TY and contributor $toney Spice. You can find them at - they’ve got articles like $toney Spice’s that we referenced in the episode, Cannabis on Tribal &Trust Land, you can order their zines, rack up your collection, they’ve got really cool jerseys and jackets, they just released their latest swisher session, which is a mix from a guest DJ, I got to listen to some of it after we recorded and it was great. They also do events, notably yoga sessions where you come stoned so follow them on Instagram (@womenweedwifi) to see what they got going next.

Music samples from Nujabes - Luv(sic) [ft. Shing02]