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Style Q&A: Gabrielle Myer

Style Q&A: Gabrielle Myer


Gabrielle Myer is a watercolor painter, professional stylist, model, frontwoman for the Seattle psych band DYED and a general badass renaissance femme! I hope you enjoy these snippets of the interview we did for my podcast and the photoshoot we vibed through after.


Jess: What impacted your understanding of art the most in your childhood?

Gabrielle: My mom was a master oil painter. She grew up painting and painting and painting under the sky. She definitely was a huge influence in my life for everything I did. She was also a concert pianist. I'm like fuck you, you have this many cadences and you make all this art and can work all the time and- our family broke up early on so it was her being the mom and the dad, and me sometimes being the mom too to my brothers. She can do anything.


J: When did you start painting?

G: I would always leave my mom little paintings under her pillows. I don't know what I would draw but it was mostly animals. As I got older I just kept doing it and doing it. You find your little niche. Oil I love but it's so expensive. Acrylics less but they're still pretty expensive. So I found my watercolor niche. 


J: I was always impressed that you could do the watercolor stuff because it's like the medium wants to move while you're using it. You have to anticipate what it wants to do.

G: It's cool because you can pave the trail for it and then inlay it in the water, you know what I'm saying? The color. It's like building a weird society in the water. Maybe I've done too much acid and shit but like looking at everything bleed into eachother is so cool to me. You look at something long enough and you realize how beautiful things are.



J: It seems like you have a lot of doubling and overlap. When did you get into drawing things that illustrate that?

G: I think that's been more of a recent thing. Ish? I feel like I've just recently been into that. When you look at something it kind of fucks with your vision and you have to keep looking at it until it realigns.


J: What is your band [DYED] up to right now?

G: We're working on a lot of new shit. We're actually recording in July. We have a lot of new songs and it is a lot different from what we did before- it's a lot more droney, spacey. I like it personally but we'll record it and put it out and hopefully keep playing songs. 


J: What are five songs you're playing a lot right now?

G: A mish-mosh of things...

1) Rainbow Team- My Darling

2) Thin Lizzy- Spirit Slips Away

3) Buscabulla- Temporal

4) Deux- Game and Performance

5) Lunapark- Worte


You can find Gabrielle performing with her band DYED around Seattle and you can keep up with her paintings via Instagram. Check out the link below and head over to the podcast section of the site if you want to hear our full interview!

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