Feminist Fatal is a constantly evolving multimedia art platform guided by Jess McQuarrie

Feminist Fatal’s largely collaborative projects attempt to draw the audience into an imagined future of psychedelic sluts and eco-femme liberation! Jess grew up on an island in Southeast Alaska and the mountains of eastern Washington. As a young girl, she started photographing her friend’s vintage driven style and developing a tongue in cheek editorial eye best described as “trash glam.” This began to translate into psychedelic pinup art after she taught herself graphic design while studying international politics in Washington DC. After close proximity to the complete bullshit of government operations Jess packed her bags and returned to the Pacific Northwest with the hopes of nurturing her political visions through visual and audio depictions of feminist psychedelia and environmental apocalypse. Feminist Fatal is a platform for growing community and highlighting rad femmes through photoshoots, videos, graphic artwork, animation, podcasts and audiobooks. Jess is also a full-time artist available for commission, publication and collaboration, please hit up the contact page for inquiries!